Spandau Ballet Live

March was a busy month for us in terms of work (Mother’s Day orders!) so I don’t know how we managed to squeeze in a night off to see Spandau Ballet. I was born in the 1980’s so missed the 1980’s music scene – how I would have loved to be around in the time of the New Romantics, Glam Rock and the eclectic music and fashion of the late 70’s and early 80’s though. Some of my favourite bands are from the 80’s (thanks Mum!) and I jumped at the chance to see Spandau Ballet when the tickets went on sale earlier this year. I actually realised that I rarely see a ‘current’ band live – but I’ve never been disappointed by a revival tour of a band from years ago. I’ve learnt to say ‘yes’ to experiencing music from previous decades, and so bands like Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Culture Club, Roxy Music, ABC, Pet Shop Boys are all in my ‘all time favourites’ list, even if their earliest hits were released before I was born.

Spandau Ballet were completely amazing. There are a few bands I watch on live TV performances, on broadcasts of Glanstonbury, Rewind Festival, Isle of Wight etc., where I’m disappointed – how could those epic vocals not stood the test of time. Bands that once were amazing, now a little lackluster and have lost the power in their voices. Tony Hadley is most definitely not one of those – his voice is as powerful today as it was back in the 1980’s and the atmosphere at their live shows is incredible. It’s like one big party! I was thoroughly impressed with Tony’s big voice and the quality of the live music – it was like listening to the CD, but so obviously performed live. The interaction with the fans was a nice touch and made for a friendly, wonderful night, with Tony injectecting “alright love” and “ello darlin” in his charming style towards fans between the lines of songs. With their past most definitely behind them, it was lovely seeing the boys enjoying themselves and having a good time performing as a band again.

Next live show we have booked is Fleetwood Mac – another classic band to tick of the bucket list!


The sunset over Rutland as we drove to Nottingham for the show.


Our view before the show started.


A really pleasant surprise and a nice touch, was Rusty Eagan as the support for the show. Anyone familiar with the history of the London music scene and the evolution of the New Romantics will be familiar with Rusty Eagan and the late, great Steve Strange. It was a really amazing experience to have Rusty there providing the party atmosphere before the band took to the stage.


The band themselves were amazing – such a great show and so nice to see the boys having a great time. It was definitely a great experience!


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