Photos from our Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was lovely – it’s been a while since I spent a few days offline and as I’d spent the last week at my computer all day combining order-making with getting the new website ready, I really needed a few days rest and some time away from the computer.

One of the exciting things about our weekend was that Maggie and Dolly could go on their first walk! They had their final puppy injections last weekend, which meant they could go out and play in the outside world this weekend! They spent the morning munching carrots in the garden, looking like true easter bunnies, and then went on their very first walk in the afternoon. While it’ll take a few more walks to get used to it, they seemed to enjoy their first venture out, with lots of sniffing nature and seeing other dogs who were also out on their Easter Sunday walks.

I was also quite excited about Easter Eggs, having picked up a really sweet Panda egg from Marks and Spencer for Mr Ruby Wren and I had a Dairy Free option from my mum for myself. I don’t often like dairy-free chocolate as it just doesn’t taste as good as the real milky stuff, so I was intrigued to try this Easter Egg from M&S. While you can definitely taste that it’s ‘dairy free’ it’s one of the better faux chocolates I’ve tasted! A little darker and bitter, compared to it’s dairy-filled alternative but definitely a good option for those of us avoiding dairy.

One thing I really love about Easter is the colours – lots of bright spring colours and gorgeous pastels. With the daffodils outside in full bloom, Spring really feels like it’s sprung! Summer is my absolute favourite month and now spring seems to be here, I know Summer is just around the corner! I can’t wait to take the puppies to the beach and country walks in the sunshine!





image    image





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