Behind the scenes, the Ruby Wren Office redecoration.

Ruby Wren has needed it’s own space for a while and we converted the spare room into a home office – partly RW HQ and partly Mr Ruby Wren’s office.

I knew I really wanted to get cube shelving units (thanks ikea!) so that I could stack paper and envelopes in their own little compartments. I chose a light pink colour for the wall, as I wanted something a little different but still bright and light. One of my favourite things in the room is my Emma Bridgewater Rose and Bee radio, which inspired the dusty pink walls.

It’s lovely to have a room where I can go to work and then close the door on when work is over – I’m trying to have a better work-life-balance and the office is really helping me to feel much more balanced. I also love being able to fill the office with my favourite little pieces, like my ‘Resist the Permanent Career Implant Chip’ sign (as a Futurama fan and someone who’s made there own perfect job, Mr Ruby Wren thought it was a perfect gift for me!) and my Simon’s Cat print.






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