Puppy walking at Wicksteed Park

For locals, Wicksteed Park is something of a landmark destination – I’m not sure anyone in Kettering could say they’ve never been…there are rides, playgrounds, amusement arcades and the famous Wicksteed Park train that goes around the park. It’s not quite on the same scale as Disney World, but it is one of the more impressive places to spend a day in Kettering, especially when the weather is great!

I hadn’t been for a few years…we used to go a few times a year to walk around the park, feed the ducks and check out some of the fairs for vintage records. They’ve recently done a lot of work on the park and really spruced it up, so we decided it’d be the perfect place to take the puppies for walks.

The first attempt was a little too wild for the puppies – a hot day in the half term holidays was too much excitement for our little dogs. Our evening walk last night was much better. The park was quiet, the weather was cool and the pups had fewer people to get excited about. They met a few big dogs, one of whom was a friendly whippet who came to say hello to our little ones – it’s nice that they are coming across other dogs to help develop their social skills. It was only their third walk in a public place and we’re already noticing improvements with their behaviour on the lead and around other dogs and people.

The park itself was beautiful last night. It had been a lovely day and the sun was just setting as we walked around the lake. We’ve just bought a season pass for the car park, so I imagine we’ll be spending a lot more time at the park with the dogs over the spring and summer months.


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