More Snippets of Home – finishing touches

Today I’m sharing a few photos of my favourite finishing touches in the house. I think the finishing touches are the most fun, and most important part of personalising your home.

One of my most favourite things ever is our Gypsy Chandelier. I had seen them before on house shows on TV…the sort where people go snooping around other people’s houses (my favourite!) and fell in love with the idea of getting my own Gypsy Chandelier. The concept itself is so kitsch and fun, but in real life it really quite beautiful and elegant. I purchased mine from Amazon and it was the perfect size for at the top of our staircase. It’s surprising how not-tacky it is, when it should be very tacky! I absolutely love it!

I mentioned in my first ‘Snippets of Home‘ post, about my french grey dresser unit and it’s little pottery display, so I thought I’d share a close up. The dresser is home to some sentimental pieces, so I love that I have a place for my favourite things in pride of place. The ‘Have You Seen Our House’ plaque was a gift from my sister for my Birthday last year. It’s an ‘in-joke’ in our house and originates from a Madness music video for the song Our House…I don’t know why, but the catchphase has stuck and it’s now immortalised on pottery in our kitchen! It sits with an Emma Bridgewater star candle holder and the lovely Willow Tree figure of a girl and her cat I received as a gift from the Mother-in-law a few Birthdays ago.

Completing the ‘cat’ and ‘polka dot’ themes of my dresser display is my polka cat, who we’ve lovingly named Doris. I was so excited to find Doris on a lone shelf at the Emma Bridgewater shop in Stoke-on-Trent. Originally made for a collector’s event, I’m surprised I managed to get one, but she’s now a prized part of my collection and in pride of place in our kitchen…good ol’ Doris!


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