Business: Keeping your mojo


With all things you put your time and energy into, some days you’ll feel more passionate about it than others. Sometimes I feel like I could put 1000% into my business, and other times I feel like I just want to get away from it. It’s weird because quite often, there’s nothing that triggers ‘losing your mojo’ – I think it’s possibly just when you spend all of your time working on your business and thinking about your business…the evenings, the weekends, even the holidays, your brain needs a break. The last few weeks I’ve felt like I’ve wanted to do other things…perhaps the lovely warm weather has been a major cause, but it can be a little worrying when you lose that spark.

Thankfully, I feel like I’m coming out of the other side of a mojo-less few weeks and regaining my passion for what I do. I definitely believe it’s just a case of getting worn out – I certainly am proud of my business and grateful that I get to do this as a job, but sometimes you do just need to step back to regain your passion. I know I’m not the only one who runs a small business and occasionally loses motivation, and I know some people worry when that happens. For me, sometimes the simplest things can re-ignite that spark…

My tips for regaining your mojo:

  • Work on a new project or idea. It can be hard to force creativity, but when you do think of a great idea, you soon want to run with it and not stop. Have a ‘Ideas List’ or notebook which you can add to whenever you think of something good…most of my new ideas come to me when I’m too busy to take them further, so making a note for future development is a great way to remember them! I use one of our own ‘Lightbulb Moments‘ notebooks for my new ideas. Even if it needs a lot of work, having something that you can look to when you’re feeling a little deflated could be enough to get the creative juices flowing.
  • Talk to like-minded people. A conversation with some of my small business friends is quite often just the thing I need. Sometimes the ‘real world’ doesn’t quite understand the life of a small business owner, but with more and more people becoming self employed, it’s definitely becoming more ‘normal’. Talking to people who know the ups and downs, and who are passionate about their business can inspire you in your own. I always feel so motivated after a conversation with some of my small-business friends, even if the conversation isn’t 100% about our work.
  • Pinterest. It may seem a little silly and superficial but Pinterest is one of my favourite places for motivation – quotes, projects and pretty photos are never a bad thing!
  • Social Media Browsing. Nothing lifts me out of a slump like browsing my favourite business on Facebook and Instagram – I get that “Oh, I so want to be like this” feeling. Big businesses certainly help cement that vision of success in my mind, but they have their expert social media teams – nothing’s more impressive than a small business who’s got their stuff together and has created a clear brand identity themselves. That’s super inspiring.
  • Read your reviews. I am lucky to have amazing customer reviews submitted via notonthehighstreet, accessible at the click of a button. Even if you don’t have access to a review system, happy customers can leave their positive comments on social media or by email. Reading glowing reviews makes me really proud of my product and my business. If I’m ever feeling lacking in motivation, I go back and scan through my reviews.
  • Remember why you started and what you’ve achieved. Writing it down is a great way to feel grateful.
  • Buy Something Inspiring or attend a class. That new piece of equipment, new materials, or a new business book – having something new can inspire a new project, new direction or motivate you. I have a wishlist on Amazon of business books I can purchase when I want to feel inspired.

Overall, running a business can be hard, life-consuming and can drain you when you’re working at it constantly, but for me, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. There are always sacrifices (long work days, loneliness, and it’s been almost 10 years since I had a proper holiday) so it’s not surprising sometimes we feel less passionate about it, but it’s important to remember why we do what we do and get back to feeling like it’s the best thing in the world as soon as possible. I’m a firm believer that positive thoughts create positive actions, so feeling good about my business is important. It’s good to have a break, but I’m excited about my business again and looking forward to putting my new found motivation into action.


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