Happiness and staying positive

One thing I keep having to remind myself is that I’m in control of my own happiness. Last week, some things had been getting me down and it took a while for me to realise that my attitude towards things have a lot to do with it. I’m trying to be more positive and enjoy every moment but occasionally things build up and a good chat helped release all my built up concerns. There are things we have no control over, but we can control our reaction to it and our behaviour.

I think when you start to dwell on the little things, they snowball into big things and stepping back and focusing your energy elsewhere is a great way to change your frame of mind. Positive mind, positive vibes!

I took a few days off the ‘day job’ at Ruby Wren to allow myself a bit of a break mentally.  I know there are lots of small business owners that get tired, demotivated and stuck in a rut, and with us self-employed, it’s hard to get the opportunity to step back for a few days. While my work wasn’t the issue, it was important for me to have a couple of days to do what I wanted with zero obligations or distractions.

I definitely think I need to do this more often – get outdoors, read a book, go on a drive somewhere. Working from home means I spend a lot of time in the same place and I need to learn to take more breaks. Appreciating the little things when they happen and enjoying simple pleasures.

Talking of little things…fresh flowers make me happy too and we had fun with an impromptu photo session. Sunflowers seemed like a perfect, optimistic and sunny flower to remind me to stay positive!


One thought on “Happiness and staying positive

  1. Jenny Hyde says:

    A brilliant blog post! I’ve surprised myself recently at how much I love to go outside. Sounds silly, but it really makes a big difference to my daily happiness and energy. I love your impromptu photoshoot – might need one of those myself soon! Jx

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