Breakfast protein smoothies

Smoothies are a great way of packing lots of healthy ingredients into one meal, getting lots of nutrients from foods that you might otherwise not eat alone. I’ve been making lots of smoothies recently, as I’ve been exercising more and trying to eat more protein. I don’t believe in fad diets or cutting essential food groups, but I do like to eat whole foods and eat plenty of protein, especially if I’m exercising more, so smoothies are my go-to way of incorporating lots of fresh ingredients and high-protein food sources.

I’ve been using PHD Diet Whey as a post-workout shake for a while – the chocolate flavour and the vanilla creme, but I thought I’d give it a go in a healthy breakfast smoothie and found it fills me up until lunchtime. My current favourite recipe involved plenty of fresh berries (hello, antioxidants!), greek yogurt for protein and probiotics, and pumpkin seeds and almonds for essential minerals like zinc. I may also add flaxseed to a smoothie (although the Diet Whey also contains flaxseed) for iron, healthy omega 3 fats and fibre, and often I’ll add a spoon of raw cold pressed coconut oil for good fats and healthy lauric acid.

This smoothie recipe has been keeping me feeling full until lunch and it’s great to know I’m starting the day with a good amount of protein and lots of nutrients from the seeds, nuts, berries and good fats.

If you’re looking to add greek yogurt to your smoothies, please check the ingredients on the brand you’re buying – so many products are named as ‘greek style’ and are full of sugar, not what you should be adding to a healthy diet. My favourite is Fage – it’s much better than any of the sugar-filled yogurts on supermarket shelves in my opinion.

Happy blending!


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