Adventures around the Emma Bridgewater Factory, September 2015

I’m so looking forward to our next trip to our favourite place for tea, the Emma Bridgewater Factory, so I went browsing the photos I took last time. It was only a few weeks ago, but feels like forever – I’m seriously craving a big slice of homemade cake and a cuppa in their cafe.

Last time we visited, I had to resist the massive gallon Rose and Bee teapot (it’s a bit of an in-joke, as I keep threatening to buy a tea pot every time I go pottery shopping!). They also had the new stacked hearts and stacked polka dot patterns. As we were still transitioning from Summer to Autumn, the shop was full of bright blooms and pretty pinks, with a few bits of the polka turkey pattern thrown in for the new season…I am so excited to see the new festive displays in the shop now that it’s getting closer to Christmas!IMG_0837 IMG_0856 IMG_0857 IMG_0876 IMG_0878 IMG_0939 IMG_0836 IMG_0737


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