Wishlisting: Business, Blogging and Branding!

I’ve been so inspired recently to make big changes to the way I run the business (Ruby Wren Designs) and I have lots of plans and dreams! I follow some amazingly wonderful small businesses who are my fellow NOTHS partners and Etsy sellers. So many of whom are so spot on with their branding, it makes me both incredibly inspired and jealous at the same time! These people make it look easy (although I know they all put so much work into it!) and their brand image is so consistent through all their products, photographs and marketing. I look at these people and think “wow” and their branding is so good I can spot their products photos at a glance in amongst others and know it’s theirs without clicking further. They’re the people on my social media feeds who have a loyal following, customers interacting on each post and trying to grab the newest products even before they’re available on their virtual shelves.

These sellers are my motivation and inspiration as I try to create a clear brand identity for Ruby Wren. They’re unique, each with their own style that works for them, but they all succeed in creating the most amazing, clear image of their business to their customers. As I try to work out how to harness some of that branding genius for myself, I’m creating a wish list of the best books on branding, blogging and marketing that I can find. Some of my fellow sellers have offered some great recommendations and my Amazon wishlist is positively bursting with…well, positivity!

The first book I ordered from my wishlist is How to Style Your Brand by Fiona Humberstone (recommended to me by the lovely Leeanne of Supercaliprint…who is an inspirational seller with the most amazing branding, stunning photos and fun products!)

I can’t wait until the Amazon man delivers this book and I can absorb everything that’s written on the pages! I’m so excited about learning everything there is to know about making a strong brand, and this book looks amazing and totally relevant to me…especially with so many ‘business’ books looking so ‘businessey’ and not at all suited to a small, creative business.


I’ve also added to my wishlist the Daily Greatness Planners. I keep seeing these advertised on my Facebook feed and they just look so unbelievably stunning. I’m not sure if I want to invest in the Daily Greatness Journal or the Business Planner – I’m sure either will work perfectly at inspiring me daily and keeping me motivated. I have a birthday in November, so I’m thinking I might treat myself with any birthday funds from family!


Other books on my wishlist include:



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