Cosying the house for Winter: Interior Styling

Since we moved into our first home earlier this year, the house has been a little too bare for my liking. I love what we’ve done so far and the house definitely has our stamp on already, but it was lacking that cosy feeling that comes from amounting pieces and treasures from over years, especially as when we moved in, our priority was doing the renovations and buying all our furniture and appliances. My aim for winter is to cosy it up – fill the bare walls with pictures and artwork, cover the floors in rugs and find lots of lovely trinkets to adorn the dressers and tables.

Fresh flowers have also helped to inject some life into our rooms, and lots of candles to bring warmth and the cosy feeling I’m trying to achieve. This will be the first Christmas in our own house and I’m so excited to decorate and fill the house with festive touches. I’m slowly sneaking a few Christmas themed pieces into the house and I can’t wait to get the tree up!

The next part in ‘cosy the house up’ is to make the walls look less bare…if you look closely in the living room photos, you can see one photo frame ready to be hung next to the window, but I’d love to fill more of the walls with pictures – lots of photos, memories and art. Say what you will about the smart phone generation, but I’m so glad to have thousands of photos stored on my computer taken from my iPhone. I have so many pictures to choose from and I’m looking forward to choosing some for photo frames. My mum has made an amazing feature wall in her home, featuring lots of photos, definitely a source of inspiration.



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