Visiting Emma Bridgewater at Christmas

Nothing gets me feeling Christmassy more than going shopping in December – the busy shops, the Christmas music, the decorations! As you are all well aware by now, one of our favourite haunts is the Emma Bridgwater Factory in Stoke-on-Trent. Not only is it a lovely place to go shopping for pretty things for your home, but it’s just generally a really cosy, wonderful place for a visit. So, where better to spend a day Christmas shopping than ‘up North’ (well, it’s North to us!) in Stoke-on-Trent.

The first stop is always the Emma Bridgewater factory shop for a nose around all the lovely things in the First and Seconds shop. I spotted a polka dot whippet dog that I managed to resist (who knew I had such willpower?) and filled up on not one, but two pieces of cake in the cafe (that’s where my willpower fails!). Mum treated me to a Christmas Rose ‘old bowl’ which I intended to fill with Christmas chocolates and treats, but it looked so good holding my Nespresso capsules in the kitchen, that’s where it’s staying for now.

It was so festive seeing the big Christmas tree in the forecourt, and all the trees and wreaths dotted around the factory. Emma Bridgewater really goes all out with the Christmas decorations, and in true EB style, they’re all beautiful, fresh trees and plants courtesy of their gardener Arthur.

After refuelling on Christmas goodies (I had a lovely slice of Banana and Pecan loaf, with a piece of Christmas cake later for good measure), we headed off to Hanley town centre and spent the afternoon browsing Christmas decorations, sniffing candles at the Yankee shop, picking up the Christmas bath products from Lush and browsing books in Waterstones. Although I love the stress-free, convenience of online shopping, actually going into the ‘real’ shops to have a browse does wonders for your Christmas mood…I’m sure the cake helped too! 😉




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