Decorating our First Home at Christmas

Christmas in our new home is something I’ve really been looking forward to. We officially moved in at the start of 2015, although we had the keys just before Christmas, but as we were redecorating and doing some renovations, this will be our first actual Christmas spent in our new home.  All year I’ve been mentally planning where we can fit the Christmas tree (it’s a tiny living room!) and as soon as the shops started filling their shelves with Christmas goodies, I was picking up bits and pieces ready for closer to Christmas. While we’re not really doing presents, that’s no excuse not to go all out on decorations, is it?

When it came to the tree, I didn’t want to go too traditional. I love bright colours and bohemian touches around the home usually, so when I started seeing bright pinks and blues in Christmas baubles, I decided to go brighter and funkier with the tree. I found plenty of pinks, blues, greens, and yellows as accent colours, with some silver and white wintery baubles to keep things classy and christmassy.

While most of our decorations are brand new to go with our brand new (to us!) home, we were gifted some beautiful vintage silver bells from Mr Ruby Wren’s mum to add some history to the tree. Plus, we’ve got plenty of lovely decorations that, although new, will be keepsakes for years, like our two little ceramic dogs (bought for Dolly and Maggie!) and the adorable felt angel for the top of the tree. We decided we really wanted an angel rather than a star topper, and it was pretty hard finding an angel topper that matched the bright, modern colours of the tree decorations…I think we did pretty well with our adorable angel from Paperchase!

And, so far, so good on the ‘puppies versus Christmas’ front…good little pups! 🙂



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