Fibro fighter, Wellness Warrior, Super Spoonie…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really lucky to have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but living life with more good days than bad. Having said that, my bad days are enough to make me feel pretty miserable. Thankfully, they’re few and far between and I do spend a lot of time and effort making sure I live as healthily as possible to give my body the best chance of feeling as good as I can.

However…winter usually hits me hard, especially when Christmas is just around the corner and it’s easier to binge on chocolate and mince pies than it is to eat my fruit and veg. Having a heavy workload puts extra stress on me and I find myself feeling pretty worn out and run down.

To combat my bad days, I’ve been loading up on my superfoods and supplements. My base for any healthy day is my Amazing Grass Green Superfood. It’s not the best tasting drink you could have, but certainly not the worst greens powder I’ve tried. I’ve also recently been adding collagen to my daily routine and although it’s probably too early to tell, my skin in looking better than ever and it’s nice to know I’m getting a big boost of protein in just a few spoons. I’ve been using Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate, which I bought off Amazon. While it’s kinda pricey for the size pot, it’s quality stuff and I know that I’m putting the best things into my body. I’ve been mixing it in my morning coffee and bedtime hot chocolate and it tastes quite neutral…neutral enough that I can put it in almost any drink and not notice.

As usual, I’ve been putting my MSM sulphur granules into my green drink, as I know this has a great reputation for helping fibro sufferers and anyone who does exercise where there muscles and joints might need extra help. In addition to my drink ingredients, I’ve been taking a ginger, turmeric and bromelain supplement, aged garlic, probiotics and krill oil. I’m hoping this combination will keep me feeling reasonably ok during the winter months…plus making sure I get some vitamin D either by spending time outdoors or in supplement form.

While my day to day health is pretty good, flare ups do happen, so it’s important to keep up with my healthy intentions and keep myself feeling as good as possible.


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