Intergalactic Lush Bath Bomb Review

I love a Lush bath, but I got especially excited about the Intergalactic Bath Bomb. I picked it up purely because I’d not tried it before – I had no idea how special it was. It’s a big, heavy blue bath bomb, with streaks of multicoloured bands around it, rather fittingly it looks just like a planet.

Popping it into a bath full of water, it soon fizzes and releases a beautiful multicoloured rainbow of colour. I was completely in awe of how pretty the bath bomb was, and living up to it’s name, it turned the bath into a cosmic swirl of blues, pinks and greens. It might possibly be the nicest bath bomb I’ve ever had from Lush.

But, the magic didn’t stop there – the bath got even better when the bath bomb had disappeared completely and the swirls of colour had turned into a deep blue sky of navy, full of glistening stars, maybe one of the glitteriest Lush baths ever. It’s a magical experience floating in what feels like an endless night sky.

I think I have a new favourite!



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