Winged Eyeliner, Liquid Cat Eye

I am utterly rubbish at putting on make up, but in an attempt to get better, I’ve been practising. I’ve always sworn away from edgier looks, smokey eyes and dramatic eyeliner, partly because my skills are limited, and partly because I’m so used to not wearing makeup (yay for working at home!) that when I do put a full face of makeup on, it looks overdone and too much.

One look I love is the winged eyeliner, that retro cat eye that is so stylish and classy. I’ve never been very good at it because it takes a steady hand and I’ve had too many attempts where I’ve done one good eye and messed up the second, only to wipe the whole lot off and give up. I am determined to learn how to do it effortlessly, so found a few great tips on the internet about how to master liquid eyeliner and that ‘flick’.

I think I did quite well on my first informed attempt and plan on trying it out again soon – like I said, I don’t tend to wear makeup much, but over Christmas I’m sure I’ll get more opportunities to practise my winged eyeliner techniques. I adore how retro it looks, I was feeling very Brigitte Bardot with my heavy eyeliner and blonde hair!



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