Christmas Luxury Pud Lush Bath Bomb Review

Christmas Lush baths are a bit of a tradition with us – my sister and I always have a stash of Lush goodies in the run up to Christmas and always had to fight for the bathroom on Christmas eve over who was getting their Lush bath. Now I’ve got my own house, we don’t have to fight over the bathroom, but we still went shopping to pick up our Christmas Lush together.

The Luxury Lush Pud is one that caught my eye. It’s less traditional than some of the other Christmas products, with a bright pink ‘pudding’ filled with chunks of green, blue and yellow, with a sprig of holly on top.

It made for a magical, pretty bath, with swirls of colours in the pink bathwater as the smaller bits of bath bomb fell into the bath from the main pudding. It’s definitely not your usual festive spices and red bubbles, but it’s a lovely calming scent and pretty pastel colours. It’s a really fun, cheery, sweet bath bomb, and leaves the tub a lovely pink colour filled with glitter. A few products I’ve tried from Lush look really stunning as they fizz, but end up a murky less-attractive colour when the bath bomb has disappeared into the water. The pudding is definitely a pretty bath experience from start to end, finishing with a deep rose pink shade and lots of glitter sparkles!

It’s nice to have something a little less traditional for a Christmas product – and works well with the Snow Fairy shower gel for a very pink bath!



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