Review: The Mint and Grey Kikki K Wellness Planner 2016

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My intentions for 2016 include much better organisation along with mental and physical health and wellbeing. I had a few planners on my wishlist and I wasn’t sure I’d find exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a planner that was about wellness as well as your usual day to day calendar and appointments. There were a few planners and journals that I looked at which were about reflection and gratitude, which I loved, but very few ticked every box for me. I really love the Happiness Planner, but wanted something that I could use year after year, and the Daily Greatness Journals were on my wishlist too, but didn’t incorporate much in the way of daily scheduling. Both would be great planners to use in conjunction with a more practical day to day planner, and both are still on the top of my wishlist for reflection and mindfulness.

I decided to buy the Kikki K Wellness Planner. Kikki K are a Swedish-inspired Australian company and their products are gorgeous! They’ve just opened a shop in Covent Garden in London, but I wish they had shops all over the UK. Having said that, buying from their website was a breeze and it arrived from Australia in 4 days. All their planners feature a ring-binder inside, so you can replace and add to the inserts if you like. This was a big tick in the plus box for me, as I want to get good value out of my purchase. I’ve already searched on Etsy and Pinterest for printable inserts so I can customise the planner further. That’s exactly what I love about these planners – you are given the bare bones of a beautiful planner, and the rest is down to you. I was in awe at some of the youtube videos and blogs showcasing how creatively people have decorated their planners.

The Wellness Planner is quite different to the other planners from Kikki K – it focuses on mental health, nutrition and exercise, in addition to the usual calendar, to-do lists etc. It also has an awesome little habits notepad in the inside cover so you can keep track of your daily habits and tick them off as you do them – I’m using this for water consumption, green juice, supplements and exercise. I’m sure I’ll add more to the list, but to see them written down and feel accomplished as I tick them off each day, it’s a great motivator!

The first section is a monthly calendar view. You can start this any time of year as you pop your own dates in the calendar, although January is a great place to start! The daily section features a list of ‘to-dos’, priorities, water tracker, daily gratitude and improvements for tomorrow. I love how it combines a practical diary with a more mindful journal…exactly what I was looking for!

Further on in the planner, there’s mind, nutrition and exercise sections, for tracking your daily lifestyle. I have used food and exercise trackers in the past (and still do when I’m training properly!) but having somewhere to write it down offline might be much more motivating than having it stored in an app. The mind section is all about gratitude, meditation and intentions, a really lovely section which makes the planner much more mindful than your usual diary.

Overall, I am so thrilled with this planner. I love that it combines everything I need to keep organised and productive, with health and wellbeing. The fact it’s so customisable, gorgeous and a joy to decorate, is the icing on the cake (mmm, cake!). I know that part of the enjoyment and mindfulness I’ll get out of the planner is the time spent each day decorating, customising and being creative with it.

The planner can be purchased directly from Kikki K online (shipping to the UK is only £6 and amazingly fast via DHL) and I also purchased an accessory pack, inspirational sticker book, motivational quote notecard (that quote “the difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do” reminded me of my favourite Matchbox Twenty song lyric “The Difference between what you need and what you want to be” so I had to add it to my order), and the most gorgeous glitter tape.

Wellness Planner

Sticker Book: Inspiration

Accessory Pack

The Difference Quote Card

Gold Glitter Tape



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