Lush Christmas: Snow Angel Bath Melt Review

Long, relaxing baths are a big part of what makes me de-stress and take time for myself, and Christmas Lush is one of my favourite things to make me feel festive in the colder months. Snow Angel was one of the bath products I was drawn to in the shop – it looked so indulgent with it’s creamy white surface and masses of gold glitter. It was my ‘Christmas Eve’ bath, just before bed, so it was a really luxurious bath to send me off to sleep before Santa.

The cocoa butter is what makes this so lovely and softening, a really moisturising product. The smell is amazingly relaxing and it was the perfect bedtime bath. The gold glitter was a lovely touch for making my bath time sparkle! I usually go for the brighter, fun, explosion of colour type bath products from Lush but this was a really pleasant surprise – a perfect decadent treat and a nice change from the more wilder bath bombs and bubble bars.

If you happen to live near a Lush shop, check out their sale and you might find some festive goodies. I was lucky enough to receive some Lush gift boxes for Christmas, so I’m sure I’ll be enjoying another Snow Angel bath long after Christmas!



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