Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon Review

I love the bright, exciting bath bombs, but there’s something so comforting about a big, sweet-smelling, bubble bath with a Lush Bubble Bar. I tried the super pretty and gorgeously scented Rose Jam Bubbleroon, mainly because I love the edible kind. As the name suggests, it’s packed with rose oil, which gives a beautiful smell, and the cocoa butter is so softening.

As indulgent as it is to crumble a whole bath product into running water, you can get great value out of these…I twisted mine in half and got two baths out of the bubbleroon, but I’m sure you could probably get more than that, if you don’t mind fewer bubbles. As I mentioned, the smell is divine, and there’s nothing more relaxing than a really soft, pale pink bath full of bubbles. Sure, the bath bombs are exciting and fizzy, but for a real comforting bubble bath, the Rose Jam Bubbleroon is a special ‘long soak in the bath and not want to leave’ type of bath.

It’s slightly glittery but not massively so…not the sort of bath product that leaves masses of glitter to clean up, just a nice sparkle in the pink water. It’s a really nice change to have something so pretty and girly after so many bright bath bombs recently.

The Rose Jam Bubbleroon is definitely a lovely treat and as the smell was so lovely, I may have to try the Rose Jam Shower Gel next!


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