2016 Running Challenge, 365 Miles

A few years ago, I challenged myself to run a mile a day. A mile a day is surely super easy to fit into a day, and I love a good every-day-streak-challenge (I remember I even ran a mile at 10pm on Christmas day because I wanted to keep my streak). However, I got to about 2 weeks in and life took over. Work is so seasonal (greeting card making at Ruby Wren) and my health is a little, shall we say, unpredictable? It was not easy to commit to even a mile a day. It sounds like a shoddy excuse, but working 18 hour days in the run up to Valentine’s Day last year, sleep was my priority.

I love the idea of my mile a day challenge – I mean, a mile is only a mile, it’s less than 10 minutes of my day. But, I can’t commit to every single day in a row. So, this year, my mile a day challenge will be a total for the entire year. I want to end 2016 with 365 miles under my belt (or 366 seeing as it’s a leap year this year). I’m planning on averaging a mile a day…being a little easier on myself in terms of commitment, but still getting those miles in. Since deciding to set myself this 365 Miles in 2016 challenge, it seems Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook-fame has also set himself this challenge, so it looks like I’m in good company…be assured, I set my challenge first, he’s copying me 😉

When I was at my peak, I remember running 8-10 miles non-stop. That was pretty amazing to me, as I’d never been very fit. Then, I injured my foot and couldn’t even walk. It was painful, but the frustration of not being able to run was worse. And, that wasn’t all – once that injury healed (it took months!), I did the same thing to my other foot and that ended up taking even longer to get over. I never really got back into running after that, and I really miss it. I’m hoping my running challenge motivates me to fall in love with running again – when I was running regularly, my health, my weight and my mental clarity was at their best. I can’t wait to be back on the top of my running game!

My Running inspiration board on Pinterest is here, check it out for more and photo credits


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