Dogs first snow day

I was so excited for the first snow of the year, mainly because I wanted to see what Dolly and Maggie’s reaction was to it! One evening last week, I went to bed when the snow was just starting to lightly fall, and the next morning I jumped out of bed to see if any had settled! I was thrilled to see a few inches of thick, untouched snow on the ground – just enough to get the wellies out and crunch through the snow!

The dogs first reaction was of confusion, followed by excitement! It didn’t take long before they were rummaging around with their noses in the snow and bouncing on each other in the garden. Snow seems to make them both pretty hyper!

After a quick explore around the garden, followed by puppy breakfasts, we decided to go for a walk. Despite them both wanting to play in the snow instead of a well behaved, calm walk, they soon settled down and had a lovely stroll with me around the neighbourhood. We’re lucky to live so close to fields and countryside so we stopped to take in the snowy landscape and frosted trees.

I love snow, for maybe a day…I think it’s so pretty when it’s untouched and beautifully white, but as soon as we had our little adventure in the snow, we all came home to warm up and was glad to see the snow had melted by the end of the day. It was also a great excuse to wear my Emma Bridgewater wellies I was given for my birthday…I am in love with how cute they are and they are super at keeping my feet toasty in the rain and snow!

I’m sure it won’t be our last snow day of the year and I’ll enjoy looking at how pretty it is when it’s here…but bring on summer! I can’t wait for another summer of long walks in the parks and fields, sun beating down, sunglasses on, shorts and t-shirts, and clean, non-soggy doggies!



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