Kikki K Wellness Planner Update, New Printables

At the start of the month, I reviewed my new Kikki K Wellness Planner based on my first impressions. Now I’ve been using it almost a month, I thought I’d pop a little update on the blog about how I’ve been using it and how I’m finding it on a daily basis.

Firstly, when I first received the planner, it was obvious that there wasn’t a years worth of insert pages in it – about a month of daily pages, maybe a few months of the other sections (food, exercise etc). Sure, you can buy packs of refills, but again, they’re not a years worth and I’d have to have them shipped internationally to me here. I love Kikki K stationary and will no doubt be buying sticker books and pretty paper products again in the future, but I begrudge buying several packs of refills at £12 (not including delivery) to use my planner for a year.

However, what I always loved about getting a planner was how customisable it is – how you can punch holes into anything and put them into your diary, make your own sections and fill in with what you’d really need and use. I do love the reflection section with it’s mindfulness and gratitude prompts, and the exercise and nutrition section is a great addition, but the real value is in what you can do with the planner in the long term. There’s a whole load of amazing designers online who make their own printables for any ring binder style planner – as an Etsy seller myself and big fan of the site, Etsy was my first stop for printables. I came across so many shops with all different types of planner insert styles – daily, to-do lists, weekly, student, cleaning schedules, budgeting pages, meal plans, nutrition, exercise, etsy-seller planners, small business diaries…the list goes on!

I wanted something completely functional, which would suit how I use my planner, and also something stylish but that also wouldn’t use up too much ink printing daily sheets off. I found lots of shops with amazing products, but the one that I fell in love with was the Etsy shop Easy Peasy Paper (a fellow UK based Etsy shop too!). I loved the weekly planner as I can plan the whole week in bullet points and see at a glance what I need to do on each day, but then I also wanted to be able to look at my day in more detail and be able to schedule my whole day. I found the daily planner to match the weekly version I’d chosen, and it was perfect – it has an entire section for your schedule and to-dos (I mark up each line for an hour in my day and can plan what I need to get done and when). It also has daily exercise, food plans, gratitude section, must-dos, water level, appointments, daily treat and more. It’s perfect for planning my day, plus taking into account more lifestyle related activities – great for inside the ‘Wellness Planner’.

As someone who also likes to know the phases of the moon, I went looking for a moon calendar. I found AstroCharts on Etsy and purchased their Moon Phase printable calendar. What I loved about this was that you can get a bespoke printable by choosing your hemisphere and time zone, so your New Moon and Full Moons will be listed in your own time zones. I printed the calendar on A5 sheets and trimmed to create a mini-monthly calendar for inside each of my existing month pages.

I imagine as time goes on and I use my planner more and more, I’ll find even more ways of making it perfect for me. I’m so glad I purchased the Wellness Planner for that very reason – I have my hole-punch raring to customise anything! 🙂

View my original review here



6 thoughts on “Kikki K Wellness Planner Update, New Printables

      • Cassie says:

        Awesome! Thanks!
        I have just bought it, and since there is hardly any daily planning pages I was freaking out about using them up! Awesome idea with the etsy printables, I’m going to do that.
        Thanks for the idea 🙂


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