Recipe: Cacao Mint ice cream protein smoothie

With lifting heavy at the gym, I’ve been incorporating protein shakes into my diet to aid recovery and muscle growth, but I’m not a huge fan of how protein shakes taste, especially if I’m having them day after day when I come back from the gym. So I’ve been playing around with things I can add it to flavour the shakes and give myself a bit of variety. My current favourite is mint chocolate chip ice cream inspired – my favourite ice cream flavour! I used to put a square of Green and Blacks mint dark chocolate in with my vanilla protein powder for a treat but as I’m looking to rein in my diet further, I wanted to recreate an even healthier version.

Here’s the recipe for my healthy mint chocolate chip ice cream shake:

  • Add amond milk or water to your blender (almond milk makes it extra creamy so for my mint ice cream shake, I usually go for all almond milk)
  • Add protein powder, a heaped tea spoon of raw cacao, some mint flavouring or fresh mint leaves (I use cupcake world mint chocolate) and any other healthy additions you want to add…I have been adding a teaspoon of bee pollen to mine recently.
  • Blend and serve!

If you’re not incorporating protein powder into you diet, a frozen banana is a perfect substitute – it’ll give a cold, thick milkshake texture to your shake!



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