Spring interiors: first home updates a year on

Ever since moving into our new home last year, I’ve felt like it’s not properly finished, like it needs cosying up. I know there’s a fine line between accessorising and clutter – the other half likes things minimal, but I think a house should still feel like a home, lived in and with our stamp on it. It’s felt pretty bare since moving in, which is understandable as it’s our first house and we had to buy everything from scratch…I know that we’ll fill the home with more personal things as we live in it and buy little additional touches.

However, I really was inspired to make an effort in making the rooms feel a little more lived in. One thing I really wanted was to add a bookcase in the room. With the sofa, chairs and coffee table, plus bare walls, I really thought the room needed something taller to bring the room together and not look so flat. The other half agreed that a bookcase would be a really nice addition to the room, especially with him having received some beautiful books recently. We decided on a tall grey bookcase from the Cotswold Company so it would tie in with our painted grey and oak coffee table. It’s still a bit bare as we keep adding stuff to the shelves, but I’m thrilled with how it looks in the room – it’s totally changed the feeling in the room, no longer does everything sit below waist height in the room! I just need to find a place for a few pictures and I’ll be very happy!

I’ve spent a lot of time recently moving things around and spring cleaning and it feels really good – things feel like they ‘fit’ more. Mirrors have gone up, a clock, fresh fairy lights…it all feels like the house is coming together now! It may have taken a year but I wanted to add to the house as and when I found something lovely…buying stuff for the house is my new favourite hobby! Maybe when we get some time, we’ll get a bit more experimental with paint colours on the wall…I love soft greys and pale blues at the moment.

Also, a few bunches of fresh flowers is my favourite way of adding some life and colour to a room – especially when I’ve spent the day cleaning, it’s a lovely finishing touch for a sparkly clean room!



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