Race for Life 2016 and my Running Challenge

At the start of the year, I signed up for the Race for Life and shortly after received my sign up pack and number in the post. I’m not the greatest runner – poor health and injuries in the last few years have meant my miles are few and far between, but I enjoy it. I enjoy feeling like I’ve pushed my body hard, as running is so difficult for me it’s a real challenge whatever milage I aim for. A few years ago, I’d built up to running a respectable 6-7 mile runs about 4 times a week. I have a treadmill with built in google maps (thank you iFit for existing) and would set up a route around central London or sightsee around Paris…My favourite routes were my bucket list destinations, running around Wrigley Field in Chicago and the Red Sox’ Fenway Park.

The Race For Life course might be a little less glamorous compared to my Google street view running tourist destinations, but I signed up for it nonetheless. My fitness has been awful recently and I need a good excuse to get my trainers on and run regularly. I set a challenge at the start of 2016 to run 365 miles…one for every day of the year (even if this year is a 366 day year). I’m doing ok with that challenge…not quite averaging 1 mile a day but working well on catching up. I know I’ll be running a lot more as the weather warms up, so I’m not too bothered about falling behind on my miles during the colder months. I’m hoping that by the time the Race For Life comes round, my fitness is back up to where it was before and I can run the whole 5k without breaking a sweat. Unlikely…but I’m hopeful.

The Race for Life will be mentally hard for me – last time I ran in was in 2013, the day after my Grandma was taken into hospital and diagnosed with cancer. It was reason enough to continue running the race I’d signed up for, even though my mind was elsewhere and my heart was broken. It was undoubtably the worst week of my life – she never came out of the hospital and died just a few days later. However hard I find physically running that 5k in June, it will be 1,000,000 times tougher mentally.

If you’d like to sponsor me, any donation would be gratefully received – you can donate directly to Cancer Research UK through my Just Giving page.

If you’d like to sign up yourself to run and raise money yourself, sign up here.



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