Whole 30 Experience: Week 2, Days 8-14

I’ve just completed the second week of my Whole30 experience and I must say, I’m starting to feel the benefits! The first week (see here), I was having a lot of cravings, and they didn’t go away during the second week.

The Whole30 timeline shows how people roughly feel at different points throughout the plan and although I didn’t have crazy cravings (there was never a point where I felt like quitting and satisfying those cravings), there were foods (cakes and biscuits…and toast!) that it’s hard for me to be around without grieving for them…almost like they’re taunting me. Having said that, after week 2 is complete, I’m finding my cravings are getting less. I’ve started getting some food boredom setting in, so my intention for the rest of the 30 days is to find more ways of eating according to the plan.

I purchased the The Whole 30 Cookbook and Eat, Drink, Paleo Cookbook at the start of the plan, but I topped up on my food inspiration by buying the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook this week which has been on my wishlist for years (they released it in the USA but only this week released it here in the UK). My Mum has an autoimmune disease, so I’ve spent a lot of time since her diagnosis a few years ago researching how diet plays a huge part in triggering and subsequently managing autoimmune issues – I’ll probably do a full review in time of the cookbook, but it’s a really good one for anyone considering eliminating foods from their diet to manage an autoimmune condition.

Having a day out last week made me think hard about how I was going to stick to the Whole 30 Plan. It was a 2-3 hour car journey to the Emma Bridgewater factory, and then 2-3 hours home again – meaning a long day and temptation at the EB cafe with homemade cakes and although healthy and locally made food, nothing I’d be sure was 100% Whole30 friendly. My intention was to stop at the M&S food services shop but I suddenly realised the rotisserie style chicken that I was going to buy with some veggies or salad was usually coated in brown sugar – my ‘pure’ chicken was not so Whole30 friendly. So there I was at 6 am, grilling chicken and baking sweet potatoes for a meal prep style lunch. Thinking ahead saved me money and the panic of getting to the services and finding nothing suitable. And, surprisingly, cold sweet potato isn’t bad!

At the start of week 3, I’m feeling much lighter, brighter and fresher. While my energy is not through the roof yet as hoped, I’ve not felt like taking an afternoon nap and I’m getting up early in the day and getting more accomplished. The house is spotless, the washing is done, I’m getting to the gym without thinking of excuses. If the results of the full 30 days are better than this, I’ll be very happy.

Bring on week 3!


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