Lush Northampton, May 2016

We don’t have a Lush in our town…good job really, for my wallet! But it does make picking up some Lush when we visit a shop even more special. I have bought online before, but I love being in a shop and looking at all the amazing products on display. Bath goodies are my favourites and that’s usually what I pick up whenever I visit a Lush shop. Bubble bars are super comforting with their big fluffy bubbles and the ballistics are usually so fun with their exploding colours and mystery effects once their outer shell fizzes away.

My mum and I planned a girly day last week (so much fun!) and Lush was one of our stops while out shopping. I picked up a few goodies, thanks to mum for treating me, and I wandered around the shop browsing all the beautiful and bright colours like a kid in a sweet shop.

Like I’ve mentioned before in trips to my other favourite shop (the Emma Bridgewater Factory), it’s always fun to take photos of what’s on offer at a particular time so I can look back in amazement years later. Lush discontinues old products and introduces new products so often that their range is ever changing…I’ll enjoy looking back at these pictures in the future in awe at what products are no longer available!

These photos are from Lush Northampton in May 2016.


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