Tidy house, tidy mind: Spring Cleaning and Interior Dreams

Recently, I’ve been on a bit of an interiors binge – oogling other people’s homes, shopping for accessories, drooling over in store displays. Since getting my own home, I’ve been much more into obsessing over interiors. And, Instagram, my trusty old addiction, doesn’t help, as I have a feed full of gorgeous homes popping up constantly. Seriously, I love house-snooping.

There is an element of interiors-obsessing I don’t like, and that’s the ‘never being satisfied’ bit of faffing. It seems I’m always on the hunt for ‘one more thing’ for that spot, or to finish the room off. I guess, being quite recently moved into a bare house, it’ll take time to add things and accumulate treasures, but I’m definitely happier with our home than I was a few months ago, given the extra effort we’ve put in to make it less bare. The new bookcase in the living room made a big difference, and although I’m still adding stuff, it’s made the room seem much more lived in.

The kitchen is another part of the house that I’ve been trying to improve. It’s not like we disliked the kitchen when we moved in, but we would have chosen something different if we had a choice. I’ve been trying to cosy it up a little – more homely touches that make it feel like our kitchen, rather than the previous owner’s.

Keeping the house clean and tidy is a challenge with two dogs and a very furry long-haired cat, but I’m forever motivated by the gorgeous snaps on instagram of cosy, clean homes. I always wondered how my mum has so much energy and motivation when keeping her home immaculate, and I’m starting to realise – there’s nothing more satisfying than a spotless room after it’s been cleaned.

I’d love to follow more pretty homes and interiors, so please say hi on Instagram or leave a comment so I can check out your page.


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