Photography: Olympus Pen 7 Review, Part 1

I’ve been wanting to up my photography game for some time – improve my blogging, enjoy being creative with photos, and generally get back into photographing snippets of my life…nature, my home, the pups, etc. I have a DSLR which is currently being used by my sister, and I wanted something a little bit more portable and easier to use with social media and blogging. After looking at a few different cameras, I noticed a few of my favourite IG accounts were using the Olympus Pen 7 – instead of being totally focused on which cameras had the best specs, I decided that I should think about which cameras took photos I liked, so seriously started considering the Pen 7.

I’ve only had it a few days, but already I’m in love – the photos are crisp, clear and the colours are stunning. The wifi feature means I can grab any photo I’ve taken on my camera from the iPhone app, ready to add to social media, my website, or blog. While I won’t do a full review until I’ve had it a little longer, I know that it’ll be a constant companion. It’s small enough to pop in my bag (although even with the pancake lens, it’s not as small as some of the other cameras I was researching). I can’t wait to take it out with me on future trips and enjoy taking photos again!

The auto feature produces some stunning photos as soon as the camera is out of the box, but I’m looking forward to playing with the manual features and other settings. The touchscreen is amazing and the fact it’s tiltable is a real bonus that swayed me towards the Pen over other cameras – it’s so perfect for flat lays!

So far, I am thrilled with it – a full review to follow!


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