Blogging: Plans, Dreams and Musings

I’ve been blogging on here for a little over a year now, and addicted to Instagram for as long as IG has been around, but I want to up my game a little when it comes to content. I’d love to have a little community of readers and feel like I belong to a blogging community. I used to write for my own website, back in the day…a sort of blog for the era before ‘blogs’ became a thing. And I miss that. I felt like I was contributing something to the world…like I had a purpose online and people came daily to see what I had to say about certain topics. Do we only get once chance at things like that? Was that my ‘thing’ and now it’s over, do I get a second go?

It feels like back then, writing came easy. What I wrote about was what I loved, what I was good at – an organic, effortless combination of being passionate and knowledgable about a topic. I mean, it took time and hard work – so it wasn’t ‘effortless’ in that sense – but what I wrote about came naturally and I guess that came across in my content. Now I’m older, and the internet world is full of bloggers, youtubers, internet savvy writers and contributors, it seems like the internet is harder. I’ve got so many things I love in my life…do I write about it all, or do I pick one topic and focus on that? Do I have to be really, really good at something in order to provide interesting thoughts on it? Or, do I just dive in without a plan…stress free and with no expectations from myself? Am I interesting enough to bring traffic to my pages? There are a million questions I ask myself when it comes to blogging, and I have no answers.

So here’s to the future of blogging – I’m going to try and bring more content to my little home on the internet, make more of an effort with pictures and share more insights into my life. And if there are people out there that stumble across my site and enjoy it, then please let me know! I’m feeling pretty restless, jumping from home and interior posts, fitness, crafts, shopping, make up etc…I guess I just share what I love and hope that my enthusiasm for everything seeps through the internet. And maybe along the way, I’ll find my niche…that spark of inspiration where everything lines up and I find my calling in life.

Please do say hi in the comments section, and if you’re a follower of my blog, let me know what you’d like to see more of!


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