Lush delivery, The Experimenter Bath Art and Review

My Lush stash was looking pretty empty and I had an unexpected bit of ‘treat money’ so thought it was the perfect opportunity to go all out and buy a whole heap of Lush to keep me going for a while. I’ve been so spoilt by Lush baths, it’s disappointing to have a bath that’s not a Lush ballistic or bubble bar, and at nearly a fiver a pop, it’s a pretty expensive habit to have. While I’m going to save my Lush baths for weekly treats (yeah, we’ll see how that lasts!), I still needed to stock up on some goodies!

I’ve never used the Lush kitchen, and when I went to place my Lush order, there was nothing on that day that really stood out (I was too slow for Magic, which I would have definitely stocked up on!), so I went for the usual line of bath goodies: Yoga Bomb, Intergalactic, the Comforter, Brightside, etc. You’ll see them on here and IG as I use them, as I’m just addicted to taking photos of them as they’re added to the water. I also got a few shower gels – I’ve been buying Happy Hippie for years, it’s been my favourite for at least a decade, but I had such a massive Snow Fairy at Christmas, I’ve only just finished that! So I got a Happy Hippie and a gorgeous Comforter as I love the bubble bar scent so much.

First out the box and into my bath was the Experimenter. I’ve had it before but it was before I got hooked on taking pretty pictures of my baths! It was as good as I remembered, full of beautiful rainbow colours and so much fun! The only downside is how quickly it all blended into one greenish colour, but it was still a lovely mysterious glittery bath even when it had fizzed out.

Serious bath art photo attempts below…I’m dreading dropping my camera in one day! 😉


2 thoughts on “Lush delivery, The Experimenter Bath Art and Review

  1. a girl recommends says:

    I’ve never tried The Experimenter before but that looks soooo cool! I’m obsessed with Lush, I always try and drag bubble bars out for as long as possible to justify repurchasing more at the cost! Love the photos!! X


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