Watch Me Draw: Ariel from the Little Mermaid – Disney Fan Art, Speed Art

The Little Mermaid was once my favourite character to draw – her swooshy tail and flowing hair. Plus the movie is probably one of my favourites too. My old Deviant Art was full of Disney Fan Art, but Ariel was the one who got the most ‘likes’ and lovely comments. It’s been a while since I drew Disney characters and I really miss it. Growing up, I wanted to be a Disney animator and I was obsessed with Briana Garcia on DeviantArt. I’ll never be able to draw as well as her, but I know I’ll improve on my own skills with practice.

So, I’ll be drawing more, and hopefully adding the speed art videos to Youtube as I work on them. For now, they might be just sketches, as it’s been a long time since I owned any decent colouring pencils – I wore down my Karisma coloured pencils until they were too small to hold and my cheapish everyday pencils aren’t as bold and vibrant as I’d like. It seems a lot has changed since I was regularly drawing – the Karisma’s have been replaced with Prismacolor, so it looks like the Prismas are top of the Birthday wishlist (hint hint mother!).

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