Lush delivery, The Experimenter Bath Art and Review

My Lush stash was looking pretty empty and I had an unexpected¬†bit of ‘treat money’ so thought it was the perfect opportunity to go all out and buy a whole heap of Lush to keep me going for a while. I’ve been so spoilt by Lush baths, it’s disappointing to have a bath that’s not a Lush ballistic or bubble bar, and at nearly a fiver a pop, it’s a pretty expensive habit to have. While I’m going to save my Lush baths for weekly treats (yeah, we’ll see how that lasts!), I still needed to stock up on some goodies!

I’ve never used the Lush kitchen, and when I went to place my Lush order, there was nothing on that day that really stood out (I was too slow for Magic, which I would have definitely stocked up on!), so I went for the usual line of bath goodies: Yoga Bomb, Intergalactic, the Comforter, Brightside, etc. You’ll see them on here and IG as I use them, as I’m just addicted to taking photos of them as they’re added to the water. I also got a few shower gels – I’ve been buying Happy Hippie for years, it’s been my favourite for at least a decade, but I had such a massive Snow Fairy at Christmas, I’ve only just finished that! So I got a Happy Hippie and a gorgeous Comforter as I love the bubble bar scent so much.

First out the box and into my bath was the Experimenter. I’ve had it before but it was before I got hooked on taking pretty pictures of my baths! It was as good as I remembered, full of beautiful rainbow colours and so much fun! The only downside is how quickly it all blended into one greenish colour, but it was still a lovely mysterious glittery bath even when it had fizzed out.

Serious bath art photo attempts below…I’m dreading dropping my camera in one day! ūüėČ


Lush Intergalactic Review, Bath Art and Cosmic Rainbows

I really love ‘Bath Art’ – you know, that amazing swirly mix of colours and fizz you get with a Lush bath product. And my favourite of the moment is Intergalactic…it just makes the prettiest rainbow of colours when it’s added to a bath. I’ve shared my thoughts on Intergalactic before on here, but I just adore the works of art that it produces in my baths, so I thought it deserved a whole new page of beautiful closeups and bath photos.


Lush Northampton, May 2016

We don’t have a Lush in our town…good job really, for my wallet! But it does make picking up some Lush when we visit a shop even more special. I have bought online before, but I love being in a shop and looking at all the amazing products on display. Bath goodies are my favourites and that’s usually what I pick up whenever I visit a Lush shop. Bubble bars are super comforting with their big fluffy bubbles and the ballistics are usually so fun with their exploding colours and mystery effects once their outer shell fizzes away.

My mum and I planned a girly day last week (so much fun!) and Lush was one of our stops while out shopping. I picked up a few goodies, thanks to mum for treating me, and I wandered around the shop browsing all the beautiful and bright colours like a kid in a sweet shop.

Like I’ve mentioned before in trips to my other favourite shop (the Emma Bridgewater Factory), it’s always fun to take photos of what’s on offer at a particular time so I can look back in amazement years later. Lush discontinues old products and introduces new products so often that their range is ever changing…I’ll enjoy looking back at these pictures in the future in awe at what products are no longer available!

These photos are from Lush Northampton in May 2016.

Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon Review

I love the bright, exciting bath bombs, but there’s something so comforting about a big, sweet-smelling, bubble bath with a Lush Bubble Bar. I tried the super pretty¬†and gorgeously scented Rose Jam Bubbleroon, mainly because I love the edible kind. As the name suggests, it’s packed with rose oil, which gives a beautiful smell, and the cocoa butter is so softening.

As indulgent as it is to crumble a whole bath product into running water, you can get great value out of these…I twisted¬†mine in half and got two baths out of the bubbleroon, but I’m sure you could probably get more than that, if you don’t mind fewer bubbles. As I mentioned, the smell is divine, and there’s nothing more relaxing than a really soft, pale pink bath full of bubbles. Sure, the bath bombs are exciting and fizzy, but for a real comforting bubble bath, the Rose Jam Bubbleroon is a special ‘long soak in the bath¬†and not want to leave’ type of bath.

It’s slightly glittery but not massively so…not the sort of bath product that leaves masses of glitter to clean up, just a nice sparkle in the pink water. It’s a really nice change to have something so pretty and girly after so many bright bath bombs recently.

The Rose Jam Bubbleroon is definitely a lovely treat and as the smell was so lovely, I may have to try the Rose Jam Shower Gel next!

Lush Christmas: Snow Angel Bath Melt Review

Long, relaxing baths are a big part of what makes me de-stress and take time for myself, and Christmas Lush is one of my favourite things to make me feel festive in the colder months. Snow Angel was one of the bath products I was drawn to in the shop – it looked so indulgent with it’s creamy white surface and masses of gold glitter. It was my ‘Christmas Eve’ bath, just before bed, so it was a really luxurious bath¬†to send me off to sleep before Santa.

The cocoa butter is what makes this so lovely and softening, a really moisturising product. The smell is amazingly relaxing and it was the perfect bedtime bath. The gold glitter was a lovely touch for making my bath time sparkle! I usually go for the brighter, fun, explosion of colour type bath products from Lush but this was a really pleasant surprise – a perfect decadent treat and a nice change from the more wilder bath bombs and bubble bars.

If you happen to live near a Lush shop, check out their sale and you might find some festive goodies. I was lucky enough to receive some Lush gift boxes for Christmas, so I’m sure I’ll be enjoying another Snow Angel bath long after Christmas!


Christmas Luxury Pud Lush Bath Bomb Review

Christmas Lush baths¬†are a bit of a tradition with us – my sister and I always have a stash of Lush goodies in the run up to Christmas and always had to fight for the bathroom on Christmas eve over who was getting their Lush bath. Now I’ve got my own house, we don’t have to fight over the bathroom, but we still went shopping to pick up our Christmas Lush together.

The Luxury Lush Pud is one that caught my eye. It’s less traditional than some of the other Christmas products, with a bright pink ‘pudding’ filled with chunks¬†of green, blue and yellow, with a sprig of holly on top.

It made for a magical, pretty bath, with swirls of colours in the pink bathwater as the smaller bits of bath bomb fell into the bath from the main pudding. It’s definitely not your usual festive spices and red bubbles, but it’s a lovely calming scent and pretty pastel colours. It’s a really fun, cheery, sweet bath bomb, and leaves the tub a lovely pink colour filled with glitter. A few products I’ve tried from Lush look really stunning as they fizz, but end up a murky less-attractive colour when the bath bomb has disappeared into the water. The pudding is definitely a pretty bath experience from start to end, finishing with a deep rose pink shade and lots of glitter sparkles!

It’s nice to have something a little less traditional for a Christmas product – and works well with the Snow Fairy shower gel for a very pink bath!


Winged Eyeliner, Liquid Cat Eye

I am utterly rubbish at putting on make up, but in an attempt to get better, I’ve been practising. I’ve always sworn away from edgier looks, smokey eyes and dramatic eyeliner, partly because my skills are limited, and partly because I’m so used to not wearing makeup (yay for working at home!) that when I do put a full face of makeup on, it looks overdone and too much.

One look I love is the winged eyeliner, that retro cat eye that is so stylish and classy. I’ve never been very good at it because it takes a steady hand and I’ve had too many attempts where I’ve done one good eye and messed up the second, only to wipe the whole lot off and give up. I am determined to learn how to do it effortlessly, so found a few great tips on the internet about how to master liquid eyeliner and that ‘flick’.

I think I did quite well on my first informed¬†attempt and plan on trying it out again soon – like I said, I don’t tend to wear makeup much, but over Christmas I’m sure I’ll get more opportunities to practise my winged eyeliner techniques. I adore how retro it looks, I was feeling very Brigitte Bardot with my heavy eyeliner and blonde hair!


Intergalactic Lush Bath Bomb Review

I love a Lush bath, but I got especially excited about the Intergalactic Bath Bomb. I picked it up purely because I’d not tried it before –¬†I had no idea how special it was. It’s a big, heavy blue bath bomb, with streaks of multicoloured bands around it, rather fittingly it looks¬†just like a planet.

Popping it into a bath full of water, it soon fizzes and releases a¬†beautiful multicoloured rainbow of colour. I was completely in awe of how pretty the bath bomb was, and living up to it’s name, it turned¬†the bath into a cosmic swirl of blues, pinks and greens. It might possibly be the nicest bath bomb I’ve ever had from Lush.

But, the magic didn’t stop there – the bath got even better when the bath bomb had disappeared completely and the swirls of colour had turned into a deep blue sky of navy, full of glistening stars, maybe one of the glitteriest Lush baths ever. It’s a magical experience floating¬†in what feels like an endless night sky.

I think I have a new favourite!


Flushed¬†by Urban Decay – Native Palette review

Last week I decided to buy the Naked Flushed palette in Native. I’m not sure what made me pick the Native shade, but I think that bright pink blusher might have had something to do with it.

Now, I am pale…pasty, anaemic-looking, ghostly pale, so I have to pick my makeup very carefully, especially in the winter when I’m extra white. I ordered the Flushed palette wanting to add some colour and definition to my face, especially when foundation tends to give you a very flat, one dimensional base to start with. Contouring is a new thing to me and I watched some amazing youtube videos prior to ordering so I¬†was ready to try it when my palette arrived.

Firstly, it’s a hefty little box of powders – cold, crisp metallic tin and a strong magnetic clasp to keep everything safe and tidy inside. The colours themselves are beautiful and I’d been forewarned that a little goes a long way, so I built the colour up gradually. Bronzer below my cheekbones, jawline and around the hairline, blusher on the apples of my cheeks, and very sparingly, the highlighter above the cheeks, nose, forehead and lips. What I got was a very natural, classy look – no clown makeup, no over-done thick flaking powder. Just a light, healthy glow, which is exactly what I was after.

I used the Flushed Palette with the Urban Decay foundation in 0.5 (the lightest shade). The light foundation is very pale, even for my skin, but the Flushed palette adds a bit of life back into my face after applying the foundation. I should probably review the foundation too…seeing as it’s probably the best foundation I’ve ever found (it’s super hard to find¬†foundation for¬†skin as pale as mine!).

Overall, I’d very much recommend the Flushed palette for anyone wanting to achieve a healthy glow and a very natural contouring effect. I don’t use many makeup products or a range of companies, because I find what I use from Urban Decay really suits my skin and is a great quality product (not to mention they are a brand that promotes cruelty free cosmetics!). It might seem like I’m a little obsessed with Urban Decay at the moment, but when I find something I like, I stick to it. Of course, if anyone has any great makeup recommendations, I’m always happy to hear them ūüôā

Trying my new Urban Decay x Gwen and Flushed Palettes

I recently bought the new Urban Decay by Gwen Stefani eyeshadow¬†palette and the Naked Flushed palette, and I have to say I’m totally impressed. I am not the most skilled when it comes to putting on makeup and as I don’t often wear much, anything tends to look a little overboard compared to my daily face of no makeup. But, I’m so pleasantly surprised with both the Gwen eyeshadows and the Flushed palette. Both are so easy to apply and can be built up to go from a more natural look to a dramatic, bolder look.

Today’s look featured Blonde eyeshadow as a base, with Baby across the middle of the lids and brow bone, and Punk (my new favourite) is the dark burgundy in the crease and lash line. I tried to create a smokey eye look, but with the beiges and burgundy instead of a dramatic black/silver look. I’ve also fallen in love with my new mascara (Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara) which builds up to a volumous, thick lash effect…not quite the length of false lashes, but certainly some good volume and a more striking look than most mascaras I’ve tried.

The Flushed Palette in Native is amazing, even for me with my limited contouring knowledge. I used bronzer below my cheekbones, jaw and hairline, with the beautiful pinkish blush on my cheeks and the tiniest (seriously, you only need the smallest amount!) dot of highlighter above my cheekbones, along the nose and above the lips.

I am not a great lover of selfies, but I did want to take photos of the look I created with my new makeup haul…it makes me realise how much growing out of the blonde I still have to do! In some light, it doesn’t look so noticeable, but I’m looking forward to having my hair all one colour again…although I will probably miss the blonde once it’s gone!