Pumpkin Lush

I love autumn, Halloween and all things October! Mum treated me to a few Lush surprises, including this seasonal lush pumpkin. It was lovely – smells gorgeous, and such a stunning dark yellow colour. I’ve had yellow Lush bombs before that haven’t been as pretty, but the pumpkin ballistic is a vibrant dark yellow! And since the pups have discovered how exciting bath bombs are, they try and watch every time I lob a ballistic into the bath ūüėć 


My idea of a perfect, cosy winter

Summer will always be my favourite time of year, but there’s something so magical about cosying up in the dark, cold winter evenings with blankets, hot chocolates and puppies. I’m learning to appreciate all the seasons, even the wet, cold parts! Having the pups by my side, there’s nothing more refreshing than a crisp winter walk – my lovely EB wellies obviously help too!

Winter to me, is all about long hot baths, candles flickering and filling the house with warming scents, chunky soups, morning bowls of porridge, frosty mornings, hot chocolates with marshmallows…you get the picture!


Fibro fighter, Wellness Warrior, Super Spoonie…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really lucky to have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but living life with more good days than bad. Having said that, my bad days are enough to make me feel pretty miserable. Thankfully, they’re few and far between and I do spend a lot of time and effort making sure I live as healthily as possible to give my body the best chance of feeling as good as I can.

However…winter usually hits me hard, especially when Christmas is just around the corner and it’s easier to binge on chocolate and mince pies than it is to eat my fruit and veg. Having a heavy workload puts extra stress on me and I find myself feeling pretty worn out and run down.

To combat my bad days, I’ve been loading up on my superfoods and supplements. My base for any healthy day is my Amazing Grass Green Superfood. It’s not the best tasting drink you could have, but certainly not the worst greens powder I’ve tried. I’ve also recently been adding collagen to my daily routine and although it’s probably too early to tell, my skin in looking better than ever and it’s nice to know I’m getting a big boost of protein in just a few spoons. I’ve been using Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate, which I bought off Amazon. While it’s kinda pricey for the size pot, it’s quality stuff and I know that I’m putting the best things into my body. I’ve been mixing it in my morning coffee and bedtime hot chocolate and it tastes quite neutral…neutral enough that I can put it in almost any drink and not notice.

As usual, I’ve been putting my MSM sulphur granules into my green drink, as I know this has a great reputation for helping fibro sufferers and anyone who does exercise where there muscles and joints might need extra help. In addition to my drink ingredients, I’ve been taking a ginger, turmeric and bromelain supplement, aged garlic, probiotics and krill oil. I’m hoping this combination will keep me feeling reasonably ok during the winter months…plus making sure I get some vitamin D either by spending time outdoors or in supplement form.

While my day to day health is pretty good, flare ups do happen, so it’s important to keep up with my healthy intentions and keep myself feeling as good as possible.

More Snippets of Home: Pinks and Purples

Recently the house has been looking especially purple, even down to the flowers in the kitchen. Looking at my recent photos, it’s surprised me how quickly Autumn has appeared and the days have become darker and colder. These photos were taking only a few weeks ago when we were enjoying some surprisingly hot days at the end of September and start of October…before the leaves fell and the weather changed! I love Autumn but I certainly miss the brightness of summer days!

IMG_1175 IMG_1256 IMG_1611 IMG_1617 IMG_1704 IMG_1748 IMG_1749 IMG_1751

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn! Parks, Pets and Leaves!

We had a lovely few Autumnal months here recently – it’s only just turned cold, which means we had a lot of opportunities for time outdoors as the leaves started to fall. Flowers have been blooming, leaves have been turning beautiful shades of gold and red, and everyone’s been enjoying the great outdoors…we even had some special puppy visitors and made the most of the warm sunshine at the park. It’s been a really lovely few months, and now as it’s started to get colder, I’m looking forward to cosy evenings, chunky knits and hot drinks!¬†IMG_1465 IMG_1467 IMG_1470 IMG_1620 IMG_2093 IMG_2094

Summer Garden

Summer is my favourite time of year, even if short lived here in the UK! It’s so nice to be able to spend time outside, enjoying the good weather, and all the cats and pups agree! 

Last night was spent admiring mum’s garden and getting in an early evening run. My exercise regime was good until I got really busy last week and it’s taken me a few days to get back the motivation…I always forget just how much I love running until I’m actually doing it, something I need to remember while trying to get up the energy to get going!




What’s in my bag

I got a new bag the other day and I thought I’d do a ‘What’s in my bag’ post as I enjoy seeing what other people post about theirs. I’ve been using the same bag for years, a rather scruffy (but well loved!) vintage fringe bag…it’s very boho and I adore it, but I thought it was time to upgrade to something a bit smarter as sometimes my fringed bag feels a bit too ‘boho’. 

After much deliberation and deciding that a higher end Mulberry, YSL or Chanel bag was out of my price limit (a girl can dream, right?) I opted for a smart black ‘Selma’ by Michael Kors. I originally ordered the Selma Mini with a new purse to match, but when the bag arrived and the purse was the only thing that would fit in the mini, I returned it and chose the Selma Medium. 

I’m not usually one for designers or labels – I appreciate fashion from a distance (reading blogs and checking the news from Fashion week online) as my budget just would never stretch. But, having a beautiful bag arrive in the post and seeing the impressive quality, I can understand why people adore a little luxury! 

I enjoyed swapping my bag over and am so impressed at the amount of space in the Selma Medium. I am not the sort of person that lugs tonnes of stuff around, but I like to know I could fit my kindle or some snacks if I needed. 

What’s in my bag today…

My iPhone

Rayban sunglasses (they’re actually my sisters but I’ve somehow hijacked them seeing as she has to have prescription sunnies now)

Urban Decay Lipgloss – I love this lipgloss, it’s not too glossy or sticky, very natural looking. Most my makeup comes from Urban Decay as I like their products and they’re cruelty free! I use the shade ‘Naked’ which is a lovely neutral pink.

Chanel Lipstick – I’ve had this lipstick for years (probably too long) but I’ve recently fell back in love with it. The shade is Peregrina and it’s a pretty coral pink. I don’t wear it often but on special occasions, it’s so pretty.

My blue Jet Set Michael Kors purse – I ordered this when I first ordered the Selma mini as it was in the sale and I wasn’t expecting to be as in love with it as I am. It’s a beautiful light blue shade and feels amazingly luxurious. I’ve been using a coin purse with my cards stuffed in for years and it’s lovely to have something with card slots in!

My Emma Bridgewater tissues – I had to get some of my EB addition in somewhere! These were in the goodie bag we were given at the most recent event, the sample sale in May. They’re so cute, I might not ever use them!

There’s still tonnes of room left in the bag, so I’m very glad I swapped to the medium. Anything larger might have been too big for me, the medium is perfect!


Sample and Archive Day at Emma Bridgewater

We were lucky enough to get tickets to the Emma Bridgewater Sample Sale on Wednesday, where collectors got the chance to buy one off sample pieces and old products from the EB archives! We also took the opportunity to do another tour of the factory and spot some new goodies being made. I took plenty of photos of the special sample and archive pieces, so hope any EB fans out there will enjoy seeing what could have been, and what once was!                                   

Lifestyle: Ready for Summer

I’m a little eager in declaring summer, but I’m definitely ready for it. I feel like I hide in winter…I used to love wrapping up, coats, scarves, crunchy leaves, snow, wearing boots, but in recent years,¬†I’ve started to avoid leaving the house, and pile layers on when I do have to go out. Summer is definitely my time of year and I can’t wait.

With the recent ‘heatwave’, I’ve cracked out my summer wardrobe and have been enjoying the amazing weather. The shorts and t-shirts are out of storage¬†and the doc martens have been replaced with my favourite turquoise tie-dye Converse. I definitely feel more like myself when the weather is warmer, happier and more energised. Perhaps I’ve been suffering from SAD all winter, but I’m going to make the most of the next few months of warmer weather and longer days…if only¬†Kettering was a beach town!

To add to my lighter and fresher feeling, I’ve also had a major (for me!) hair update. Gone is the bleach, and my amazing stylist has taken my hair back to it’s natural dark blonde. Last year, I attempted to lighten my hair with a natural, vegetable dye from our local health shop. As you can imagine, it didn’t go well (hello yellow hair!). Luckily, I managed to get it calmed¬†down at the hairdresser and have been light blonde since. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to my hair, so I’ve been wanting to go back to my original colour for a while. I’m so glad I did – It’s still has touches of blonde, but more natural and much less maintenance. I feel like my old self again and can’t believe that my hair has such an impact on my mood and confidence.

I’m also upping my health goals now I’m feeling less like hibernating – we recently started on Insanity Max 30, which is a really amazing kind of hell…you know the sort, you feel on top of the world and completely destroyed at the same time. I’ve just treated myself to a Fitbit in an attempt to track my healthy habits and encourage a more active lifestyle. I’m sure I’ll review it when I’ve had it a little while, but so far it’s very impressive!




More Snippets of Home – finishing touches

Today I’m sharing¬†a few photos of my favourite finishing touches in the house. I think the finishing touches are the most fun, and most important part of personalising your home.

One of my most favourite things ever is our Gypsy Chandelier. I had seen them before on house shows on TV…the sort where people go snooping around other people’s houses (my favourite!) and fell in love with the idea of getting my own Gypsy Chandelier. The concept itself is so¬†kitsch and fun, but in real life it¬†really quite beautiful and elegant. I purchased mine from Amazon and it was the perfect size for at the top of our staircase. It’s surprising how not-tacky it is, when it should be very tacky! I absolutely love it!

I mentioned in my first ‘Snippets of Home‘ post, about my french grey dresser unit and it’s little pottery display, so I thought I’d share a close up. The dresser is home to some sentimental pieces, so I love that I have a place for my favourite things in pride of place. The ‘Have You Seen Our House’ plaque was a gift from my sister for my Birthday last year. It’s an ‘in-joke’ in our house and originates from a Madness music video for the song Our House…I don’t know why, but the catchphase has stuck and it’s now immortalised on pottery in our kitchen! It sits with an Emma Bridgewater star candle holder and the lovely Willow Tree figure of a girl and her cat I received as a gift from the Mother-in-law a few Birthdays ago.

Completing the ‘cat’ and ‘polka dot’ themes of my dresser display¬†is my polka cat, who we’ve lovingly named Doris. I was so excited to find Doris on a lone shelf at the Emma Bridgewater shop in Stoke-on-Trent. Originally made for a collector’s event, I’m surprised I managed to get one, but she’s now a prized part of my collection and in pride of place in our kitchen…good ol’ Doris!